How to Fix a Sliding Patio Door Track

We all love our patios — even more so when they have a beautiful glass door that adds dazzle to the whole outdoor atmosphere. However, it can be quite an annoyance when the patio sliding door becomes more of a sticking door than a sliding one. 

In such cases, more often than not, it is the patio door track that is the culprit. Like any other appliance, constant use — especially during summer when enjoying the outdoors — leaves the tracks dented, damaged, and worn out. And sometimes, all it needs to solve the problem is a simple sliding patio door track repair. 

Hence, before resulting in an expensive patio door replacement, here is a step-by-step guide to help fix the sliding patio door track. 

sliding patio door repair

Assess the Problem

First and foremost, you need to understand the extent of the damage. This is the only way to know whether your patio glass door requires a simple cleaning, repair, or a complete replacement. 

To do this, carefully assess every corner of the door. If you notice that the door is slightly bent and out of shape or has minimal damage, then a simple repair will likely solve the problem.

However, if you notice that the tracks are broken, and the metal is sticking out and worn away, it is advisable to consider a replacement kit. 

Clean And Lubricate Tracks

The leading cause of glitches on a sliding door is the accumulation of dirt and debris between the tracks. Hence, we recommend you try and thoroughly clean the tracks before you try anything else (unless you have established that the sliding door tracks are already old and worn out). 

To do that, use a soft brush (or a toothbrush) and gently dislodge all the debris trapped in between the tracks. Now use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt from the tracks. Ensure you repeat this process on each side to ensure you clean all the dirt.

Now spray a silicone lubricant all over the track. Silicone-based lubricants helps keep dirt away.  

Repair the Sliding Door Tracks

Repair the Tracks

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the tracks but still notice problems, check to see if all of the screws in the track channel are tightly secured to the floor.

If there are screws that are loose, stripped, or missing, replace them. Loose screws are another leading cause of cranky sliding doors. Also, ensure to straighten areas where the track is dented. 

Here is a video with a step-by-step guide on how to repair patio door. 

Replace Damaged Tracks

If your door’s tracks are completely bent after the first inspection and show extensive signs of wear and tear, it is advisable to replace them. You will need to remove the door. 

Pro tip: After you remove the door, inspect the rollers at the base of the door. If they are also worn out, you will need to replace them. 

Once the door is out of the way, follow these steps:

  • Mark the exact location of the old rails before removing them to ensure a proper fit when installing the new rails. 
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew all the screws holding the rails in place.
  • Now use a pry bar to lift the rails off the tracks(you can use a reciprocating saw to cut them into pieces for easier dislocation). 
  • Now replace the old rails with your new rails. 

Your patio sliding door should now work efficiently. If in doubt. Please call a 24hr Door and Frame Service professional at (877) 999-6362 to give you a hand.