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Broken sliding door glass is dangerous for you. These doors need to be repaired as soon as possible. All you need is to call us (877) 999-6362.
Sliding door roller problem? Don’t choose the DIY way. 24hr Door and Frame Service experts handle your case seamlessly, with the right expertise.
Are you facing a challenge with your sliding door tracks? No worries. 24hr Door and Frame Service has all that is needed to get the track repair.
If you have any problem with sliding door locks, contact us via phone or email. We have the answer to all your sliding door lock problems.
If your sliding glass door handle is damaged, don’t get stressed up over it. We are always ready to help. All you need to do is to put a call to us.
If you have any problem with your sliding screen door, contact us. We deal with all types of screen door repairs, just give us a call and we’ll fix it.
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Our experts provide 24-hour emergency glass board up services in homes throughout South Florida. We are always there to help you.

Who We Are

We are a local company, which appreciates and individually approaches each client. We place honesty and integrity above all and treat your home as our own. We offer a full range of of sliding door repair services, glass door repair and replacement. We customize it to each individual project. You will find our prices pleasant for you, we pay close attention to details of each project in which we participate.

Sliding Door Repair in Hialeah

Have you ever been stranded by a malfunctioning sliding door before? Has the door glass broken just before you move out of the office and you can’t leave the office in that condition? Has the door moved off track a few minutes before you leave your house for work? All these are embarrassing situations.

Sliding Door Repair in Hialeah
Sliding Door Repair in Hialeah

24hr Door and Frame Service company is located in Hialeah city for a good reason. To get you out of every compromising situation by getting your sliding doors repaired as soon as you want them repaired. This is the language our technicians understand the most.

Our Service Area in Hialeah

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Our Services

If your patio door is old or has been mishandled for some time, you should most preferably look for quality sliding patio door assessment and repair services from certified technicians. Our company has the right experts to handle your repair needs any time. We also offer free assessments to establish the problem before commencing any repair works.

Sliding glass doors may easily jam as a result of obstacles lying on the track or due to bent track ways. Hialeah sliding door repair services are affordable and maintain same quality door repair standards. Engage us today and we will ensure you get the best sliding door track repair services.

Sliding door repair Hialeah are available, affordable and easily accessible. The increasing demand for sliding glass door repair services in the city compelled 24hr Door and Frame Services to station its door repair technicians strategically across the city. Our customers and guests can therefore get their sliding glass door rollers repaired any time without travelling long distances to look for technicians.

Other Sliding Door Services

Here are some other Hialeah sliding door services:

  • sliding door sensor repair;
  • repair of sliding doors that are off track;
  • repair of stuck sliding doors;
  • new parts for sliding doors;
  • sliding door frame repair and replacement;
  • track maintenance;
  • sliding door opener maintenance;
  • replacement of rollers and tracks.

Also we are proud to serve you in neighboring areas. We offer sliding door repair in Homestead, sliding glass door repair Kendall and Miami sliding door repair for our customers.

Area We Serve

Our company "24hr Door and Frame Service" is proud to serve almost all South Florida:
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Why Choose Our Company

The people of Hialeah choose quality over other service parameters. 24hr Door and Frame Service has been a repair company of choice for over 20 years in Hialeah. As a local company, our customers and guests can visit us ant time. We also record high customer experience and satisfaction every year. If you want to learn more about us, reach us on (877) 999-6362.