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Sliding Door Broken Glass
Broken or shattered glass does not bode well and can put you and your family in danger. 24hr Door and Frame Service will help you take care of sliding door glass repair in an emergency.
Sliding Door Rollers Repair
There can be many reasons for broken sliding door rollers. The 24hr Door and Frame Service experts are on their way and will handle any problem to get sliding doors back up to speed.
Sliding Door Track Repair
24hr Door and Frame Service is equipped with everything needed for an emergency, and professional repair of broken sliding door tracks. Don't delay any longer and contact us.
Sliding Door Lock Repair
Have a problem with your sliding door lock? 24hr Door and Frame Service has the solution. Annual maintenance, replacement, or repair of a broken sliding door lock - our experts can handle it all.
Sliding Door Handle Repair
A damaged sliding door handle seriously reduces the security of your home, but with the 24hr Door and Frame Service professionals and its excellent sliding door repair service, you can worry no more.
Sliding Screen Door Repair
Does your window or screen door need a replacement or emergency repair? 24hr Door and Frame Service handles all types of sliding screen door repairs like no one else.
Commercial Door Repair
Worried about the safety of company's property? Troubles with commercial sliding doors? 24hr Door and Frame Service works around the clock to give you the best commercial door repair service.
Commercial Glass Repair
The glass in commercial sliding doors is the most vulnerable part. But with the knowledge and experience of 24hr Door and Frame Service, any breakdown is fixable.
Emergency Glass Board up
The 24hr Door and Frame Service team is always ready to help. We provide 24hr emergency window opening service to homes and commercial establishments throughout South Florida.

Who We Are

We are a local company that values and appreciates each client - all our services are personalized and tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. We place honesty and integrity above all and treat your home as our own. We offer a full range of sliding door repair services, glass door repair, and replacement. We customize it to each individual project. Our prices are favorable and will surely meet your budget.

Sliding Door Repair in Winter Garden

Even though sliding doors have a reliable construction and are made of quality materials, sliding door repair or replacement is necessary after a few years of active use. The rollers, hinges, and sliding door guides suffer from increased wear and tear. Don’t let a damaged sliding door ruin your day. So who can you contact? Look no further because we at 24hr Door and Frame Service are here to help. We repair all types of sliding glass doors in Winter Garden.

Sliding door repair in Winter Garden
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    Our Sliding Door Repair Services

    We are a sliding patio door repair company specializing in replacing installation, repair, and maintenance services for Winter Garden residents. We are trusted for offering sliding door repair in Winter Garden for a long time, being reliable and professional in all the services we offer. In the 20 years, we have been in business, we have encountered a variety of sliding door malfunctions, but we have always overcome them with success.

    By contacting our service promptly, you will receive effective door repair and significant savings. Buying new ones is much more expensive than replacing individual door units. Our team will be able to eliminate the causes of failure competently:

    • align a sliding rail or replace a damaged one;
    • reset a worn-out roller;
    • strengthen wobbly hinges, closures, locks, or replace them with new ones;
    • change the height of the door.

    Our technicians guarantee that you’ll walk away from an emergency with a smile on your face. Call us today, and we’ll send one of our top technicians to your rescue.

    Other Sliding Door Services

    Enjoy our other services from the experts like.

    • Maintenance of obstructed rollers and dirty tracks
    • Repairs on compromised locks on sliding glass doors
    • Repairs on seals that have leaking issues and other faults
    • Replacement of broken glass panes

    Area We Serve

    Our company "24hr Door and Frame Service" is proud to serve almost all South Florida:
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    Why Choose Our Company

    Enjoy our expert repair services and much more when you use our skillful personnel at 24hr Door and Frame Service. All you need to do is give us a call at (877) 999-6362 and we will dispatch a team of experts to your location immediately.